Aces Take the Main Stage

Aces Take the Main Stage

Sorare Team
Jul 3 · 2 min read

Our second Fan Vote of the season, where we wanted you to be part of our Special Weekly decision process, concluded and Managers have spoken! Aces High is taking the Main stage for Game Weeks 30 & 31.

Let’s Break it Down 👇

Aces High

Aces High offers a new outlook on the league’s best pitchers, allowing Managers to develop innovative tactics and rethink their approach to pitching. In this new mode, Innings Pitched are now worth +6 points instead of +3 (outs are each +2 rather than +1).

Please note: this scoring change will only impact the Special Weekly. Core competitions will still follow the standard scoring format.

Aces High Rewards

Check out the players with the most outs recorded as a pitcher this season. Explore how this twist affects scoring and which players have the most to gain!

Head to the Marketplace and start scouting these players now

Aces High Rewards

In addition to cash rewards, merchandise from some of the league’s best aces, Zack Wheeler and Gerrit Cole will be up for grabs! Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you can expect for 

Aces High during Game Weeks 30 & 31

More Ways to Play, More Ways to Win

Aces High promises to shake things up in Sorare: MLB, compelling managers to devise fresh strategies and prioritize the league’s top pitchers for a chance at glory. 

Don’t miss your chance to compete for exclusive rewards, including cash prizes and merchandise from star aces like Zack Wheeler and Gerrit Cole. Embrace the challenge and elevate your game with Aces High!

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