Fan Vote Game Weeks 30+31

Fan Vote Game Weeks 30+31

Jon Scalchunes
Jun 27 · 1 min read

It’s that time again! We need your help, Managers, to decide the Special Weekly for Game Weeks 30 and 31. This vote is dedicated to celebrating the masters of the mound: Pitchers. From starting aces to bullpen heroes, these Special Weeklies are all about recognizing their dominance and impact.

Let’s dive in to our pitcher-centric options👇

Aces High
  • Innings Pitched: +6 points instead of +3 (+2 per out instead of +1)
Call to the Pen
  • Saves: +20 points instead of +10
  • Holds: +10 points instead of +5
Clean Slate
  • No negative scoring for pitching categories (Hits Allowed, Earned Runs, Walks, Hit Batsmen are all worth 0)

The poll is open until Monday, July 1st at 12pm ET only on this blog. Cast your vote today!

Fan Vote - GW 30+31

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