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Introducing head-to-head fantasy football with big rewards. Challenge friends and set lineups across the world's top leagues each matchday.

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Experience Fantasy Football Like A Professional Owner


Build Your Team

Create your ultimate fantasy club by scouting and collecting player cards from over 300 clubs around the globe. Set your starting lineup and compete in free, twice-weekly competitions for prizes based on your players’ real-life performance. Start playing at any point in the season.

Sorare’s skill-based game rewards your football knowledge and lineup-building strategy.


Compete and advance

Get familiar with Sorare Football in our beginner competitions with free Common Cards and level up. As you progress and climb leaderboards, you’ll collect higher-level player cards to play in advanced contests with bigger prizes.

Sorare competitions are free to play.


Strengthen Your Squad

Use Sorare’s live Marketplace – which features thousands of footballers – to scout, buy, sell, and trade cards of varying scarcities to unlock higher-level competitions and rewards.

Improve your lineups by adding proven performers for an immediate boost, or next-generation stars for long-term production.


Win amazing rewards

Compete for prizes such as cash, ETH, Sorare cards, game tickets, jerseys, gear, and access to Footballers and VIP experiences.

Join the community

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All-Star – Limited

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All-Star – Rare

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Cap 270 – Unique

Cap 270 – Unique

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Featuring over 300 officially licensed football clubs


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Featuring all 30 MLB officially licensed clubs

What is Sorare?

Welcome to the thrilling world of fantasy football (i.e. “soccer”), a fan experience where your football knowledge and managerial skills come to life! At Sorare, we're more than just a fantasy platform; we're a community of football enthusiasts who live, breathe, and dream about the sport.

Sorare offers football fans an extraordinary way to engage with the world’s top leagues and players, blending the excitement of the sport with the strategic elements of lineup building and team management. How so? With Sorare, you own and build your dream fantasy team with officially licensed digital player cards – buying, selling, trading, and competing with them – to win rewards like cash, tickets, and VIP experiences.

Sorare has nearly 4 million users and exclusive partnerships with the NBA, MLB, and world’s top club football leagues, and teams, including the Premier League, Bundesliga, LALIGA, and Serie A. Whether you're a seasoned fantasy football manager or a newcomer eager to dive into the world of fantasy football, Sorare is your ultimate destination.

What is fantasy football?

Fantasy football is an interactive online game that transforms you into the manager of your own team – and in Sorare Football, into a real owner, as you own your digital player cards used in Sorare fantasy competitions. Fantasy football has grown from a hobby among friends to a global phenomenon, uniting millions of football fans.

In fantasy football, your objective is simple yet challenging: assemble a team of real-life football players and compete against friends and rivals for bragging rights and, in the case of Sorare, amazing rewards. As these players perform in actual matches, your fantasy team earns points based on their on-field actions like goals, assists, clean sheets, and more. It's a test of your football knowledge, strategic planning, and adaptability.

Why Sorare is your go-to for fantasy football game

Sorare takes fantasy football to the next level. Unlike traditional fantasy sports platforms, we offer a unique twist - a platform where you not only build your fantasy team but also collect and trade officially licensed digital cards of players. This feature adds an extra layer of strategy and excitement, allowing you to truly own a part of the game. With Sorare, you're not just a manager; you're a collector and trader, engaging with the game in a completely new dimension.

How to play fantasy football with Sorare

It’s free and easy to starting your fantasy football journey with Sorare:

  • Sign up for free and build a team of players using cards you own
  • Set a lineup and enter a competition (join anytime, competitions are twice-weekly)
  • Track your team’s score as you earn points and rewards based on real-life performances
  • Boost your team by buying, selling, and trading player cards on Sorare’s Marketplace

Building your dream team

Assembling your dream team is where your skills as a manager are truly tested. Pay attention to player statistics, such as goals, assists, and defensive records. But don't just look at numbers; consider the player's form, injury history, and upcoming fixtures. Balancing star players with underrated talents can often be the key to a well-rounded, successful team.

Navigating the football season

The football season is a marathon, not a sprint. As the season progresses, stay updated on game weeks, fixtures, and player transfers. These factors can significantly impact player performances and, consequently, your team's success. Adapting your team to the season's dynamics is crucial - be prepared to make timely transfers and tweak your strategy based on the latest developments.

Earning cash prizes in fantasy football

One of the exhilarating aspects of fantasy football with Sorare is the opportunity to earn cash prizes. By topping leaderboards and outperforming your competitors, you can earn rewards that add a tangible excitement to your fantasy football experience. Your acumen in player selection, team management, and strategic foresight are what will set you apart in the quest for these prizes.

Tips to maximize your winnings

To maximize your potential for winnings, stay abreast of the latest in football. Regularly check player stats, team news, and match analyses. Watching matches can give you insights beyond what statistics can provide - understanding player roles, team strategies, and even potential breakthrough talents. Another tip is to learn from top fantasy managers. Study their teams, understand their strategies, and see how they adapt to different situations.

Managing your fantasy football team

Your journey in fantasy football is personalized at Sorare. You can choose a unique name for your team, reflecting your style or footballing philosophy. Engaging with Sorare's community is also beneficial; you can exchange tips, discuss strategies, and gain insights from other fantasy managers – as well as buy, sell, and trade with fellow community members/managers on Sorare’s marketplace. Remember, every decision, from your team name to player transfers, shapes your path in the world of fantasy football.

Getting insight from the best

One of the best ways to enhance your fantasy football skills is by observing the best in the game. Look at top fantasy teams, analyze their composition, and understand the rationale behind their player choices. How do they react to unexpected player performances or last-minute injuries? Learning from these insights can significantly improve your decision-making and strategic planning.

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