Fantasy Basketball.

Sorare NBA is a next-level fantasy basketball game where you collect and compete with ownable digital player cards to win prizes like cash, tickets, signed jerseys, and more. No matter where you finish, you still own your cards.

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Experience fantasy NBA like a PRO general manager


Build Your Dream Team

Create your fantasy roster by scouting and collecting digital player cards from all 30 NBA teams. Set your starting lineup and play in free, twice-weekly competitions for prizes based on your players' real-life performance. Start playing at any time during the season.

Sorare's skill-based game rewards your NBA knowledge and lineup strategy.


Compete and advance

Learn the game in our beginner competitions and level up. As you progress and climb leaderboards, you'll collect higher-level player cards to compete in advanced contests with bigger prizes. Sorare competitions are free to play.


Strengthen Your Squad

Buy, sell, and trade digital NBA cards on Sorare's live Market - which features hundreds of players - week over week and season over season. Improve your lineups by adding top performers for an immediate roster boost, or rising prospects for long-term production.


Win amazing rewards

Compete for prizes such as cash, ETH, Sorare player cards, game tickets, gear, apparel, and access to players and VIP experiences.

Winners of top competitions receive once-in-a-lifetime rewards.

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Cap 270 – Unique

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Limited Contender

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264.07 PTS

Rare All Star

Rare All Star

1st place / 1,015


331.23 PTS

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Hello, hoops fans! Welcome to the thrilling world of fantasy NBA basketball with Sorare. If you're passionate about the NBA and love the idea of managing your own team and winning rewards, you're in the right place. We're here to revolutionize your fantasy basketball experience, blending the thrill of the game with the joy of collecting and strategizing. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, Sorare offers an unparalleled fantasy NBA journey. Ready to dive in? Let's get started.

What is Sorare?

Sorare offers NBA fans an extraordinary way to engage with the world’s top basketball league and players, blending the excitement of the sport with the strategic elements of lineup-building and team management. How so? With Sorare, you own and build your dream fantasy NBA team with officially licensed digital player cards from all 30 NBA teams – buying, selling, trading, and competing with them – to win rewards like cash, tickets, and VIP experiences like attending NBA All-Star weekend and meeting star players. (See our Sorare NBA guide here.)

What is Fantasy Basketball?

Fantasy basketball is an exciting blend of strategy, knowledge, and fun, allowing you to step into the shoes of a team manager – and in the case of Sorare NBA, into the shoes of a real owner, as you own your digital player cards used in Sorare fantasy competitions.

In fantasy basketball, your objective is simple yet challenging: assemble a team of real-life NBA players and compete against friends and rivals for bragging rights and, in the case of Sorare, amazing rewards. As these players perform in actual games, your fantasy team earns points based on their on-court actions (on offense and defense) like points, assists, blocks, and more. It's a test of your hoops knowledge, strategic planning, and adaptability. It's an engaging way to experience the NBA, combining your love for the game with the challenge of team management.

Why Sorare is your go-to Fantasy NBA Basketball game

Sorare stands out in the world of fantasy basketball. We offer a unique and immersive experience, where you not only manage a fantasy team but also collect and trade officially licensed digital player cards. This feature adds an extra layer of strategy and excitement, allowing you to truly own a part of the game. With Sorare, you're not just a manager; you're a collector and trader, engaging with the game in a completely new dimension. Our platform takes the fantasy experience beyond the ordinary, allowing you to engage with the game and other fans on a deeper level. At Sorare, fantasy basketball is not just about winning competitions and rewards; it's about building a collection, strategizing, and being part of a vibrant community.

How to Play Fantasy Basketball with Sorare

It’s free and easy to start your fantasy NBA journey with Sorare:

  1. Sign up for free and build a team of players using cards you own
  2. Set a lineup and enter a competition (join anytime, competitions are twice-weekly)
  3. Track your team’s score as you earn points and rewards based on real-life performances
  4. Boost your team by buying, selling, and trading player cards on Sorare’s Marketplace

Here’s a more detailed how-to-play guide.

Building Your NBA dream team

Your success in fantasy basketball hinges on smart team-building. Pay attention to player statistics – both recent performances and season-long – both on offense (points, 3-pointers, etc) and defense (blocks, steals, etc). But don't just look at numbers; consider the player's form, injury history, and upcoming schedule. And be sure to look beyond just the star players; consider their supporting cast, underrated or up-and-coming players who often play crucial roles in racking up points (which is key in Sorare NBA, where competitions have player roster point caps). Balance your team with a mix of scorers, playmakers, and defenders.

Understanding Fantasy Basketball scoring

Scoring in fantasy basketball is where your strategic choices come into play. Points, rebounds, and assists are the most common stats, but not necessarily the most valuable in Sorare NBA; for instance, blocks and steals are worth three points each. Each player's performance in real-life games translates into points for your fantasy team. Understanding the scoring system is key to choosing the right players and making smart game-day decisions. Find out more about Sorare NBA scoring here.

Earning cash prizes in Sorare fantasy NBA

One of the exhilarating aspects of fantasy NBA basketball with Sorare is the opportunity to earn cash prizes. By topping leaderboards and outperforming your competitors, you can earn rewards that add a tangible excitement to your fantasy hoops experience. Your strategy and skills in player selection, team management, and strategic foresight are what will set you apart in the quest for these prizes.

Managing your fantasy NBA team

With Sorare, your fantasy basketball journey is personalized. You choose a unique name for your team, reflecting your style and/or hoops philosophy. Engaging with Sorare's community is also beneficial; you can exchange tips, discuss strategies, and gain insights from other fantasy managers – as well as buy, sell, and trade with fellow community members/managers on Sorare’s marketplace. Remember, every decision, from your team name to player transfers, shapes your path in the world of fantasy basketball.

Keeping Up with the NBA season and player performances

Staying informed throughout the NBA season is vital. Keep track of player performances, injuries, and team dynamics. Regularly checking stats and news can give you the upper hand in making timely decisions for your team. Being proactive and adapting to the season's rhythm is key to maintaining a competitive edge. To help, Sorare has partnered with RotoWire to provide daily player updates on recent performances, injuries, and more. In terms of timing, Sorare NBA fantasy basketball begins in October and ends with a postseason competition in June – in parallel with the NBA season. However, you can jump in to start playing at any time without missing a beat; Sorare competitions are twice-weekly and, aside from special tournaments like the NBA In-Season Tournament and Playoffs, are not cumulative.

Maximizing your Fantasy Basketball experience

To maximize your potential in Sorare’s fantasy NBA game – both leaderboard finish and rewards, stay abreast of the latest NBA happenings. Regularly check player stats, team news, and game analyses. Watching games can give you insights beyond what statistics can provide - understanding player roles, team strategies, and even potential breakthrough talents. Another tip is to learn from top fantasy managers. Study their teams, understand their strategies, and see how they adapt to different Sorare competitions and Game Weeks.

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