Sorare Pro: International Competitions Heat Up with $200k in Total Cash Prizes

Sorare Pro: International Competitions Heat Up with $200k in Total Cash Prizes

Sorare Team
May 16 · 8 min read

The summer of 2024 is shaping up to be a thrilling time for football enthusiasts, and where better to immerse yourself in the excitement than Sorare? With Sorare Pro leading the charge, get ready Managers – things are about to heat up! 🔥

2️⃣ International Special Competitions 🌍🌎

We’re thrilled to announce two Special Competitions, spotlighting the iconic European and American international competitions taking place this summer. Start your strategizing and scouting now for these two summer competitions with over $200,000 in total cash prizes.

Waste no time – with highly flexible entry requirements, nothing is stopping you from building your dream lineups!

🗓️ 7 Game Weeks Long

Spanning an entire month, each International Special will feature one competition per scarcity and will deliver rewards on a Game Week basis.

Please note that we will be adjusting our Game Week schedule to ensure the best experience during these Sorare summer competitions. Meanwhile, our Global Competitions (All-Star, U23 and Cap modes) and core competitions (Challenger and Contender) will continue running, and will follow the same temporary Game Week schedule during this period. In the event of these changes leading to double Game Weeks for our core competitions, we will ensure that it’s reflected in a more substantial prize pool. Additionally, if fixture schedule changes, we will adapt and offer a way for Managers to submit additional teams for the occasional Game Weeks where a core competition isn’t open due to this adjustment.

🎁 Over $200,000 in Total Cash Prizes, Cards, and Reward Boxes

And we’re going big! June and July will witness Managers battling it out on the international stage for over $200,000 in total cash prizes ($130,000 total prizes for the European competition and $70,000 total prizes for the American competition), thousands of Sorare Pro Cards, and countless Reward Boxes. 

The most successful Managers will win cash and cards, but that’s not all. In each Game Week 50% of Managers in Limited, 25% in Rare, Super Rare and Unique will win a Reward Box  👀, each offering a chance to win one of five items, including Cards, Level-ups, Jerseys, Market Credits, and more.

Spoiler Alert: Reward Boxes will feature a brand new exciting item for the first time during these competitions. Stay tuned for more details! 👀

✅ Entry Requirements

The entry requirements couldn’t be more flexible! No points Cap, no In-Season requirements, no restrictions. Simply field a full lineup of players from the competition’s scarcity. Note that Managers will be allowed to register up to three teams per scarcity.

📽️ Special Coverage

As a warm-up and to kickstart the excitement, our existing Global competitions (All Star, Cap and U23) will be covering a majority of June’s international friendlies, featuring the world’s best footballing nations. More details are coming your way at the end of this announcement.

🔭 Get Scouting

The first Game Week kicks off on Friday, June 14th, at 3 pm CET. That gives you a whole month to plan your strategies. Keep a keen eye out for market events featuring the multitude of players who are proudly reporting for national duty this summer.

👀 Here is the full breakdown so that you can plan ahead

New Temporary Game Week Schedule

Game Week Start DateEnd Date
GW1Friday June 14th, 3pm CETWednesday June 19th, 3pm CET
GW2Wednesday June 19th, 3pm CETSunday June 23rd, 3pm CET
GW3Sunday June 23rd, 3pm CETThursday June 27th, 3pm CET
GW4Thursday June 27th, 3pm CETSaturday June 29th, 3pm CET
GW5Saturday June 29th, 3pm CETFriday July 5th, 3pm CET
GW6Friday July 5th, 3pm CETTuesday July 9th, 3pm CET
GW7Tuesday July 9th, 3pm CETFriday July 12th, 3pm CET
GW8Friday July 12th, 3pm CETTuesday July 16th, 4pm CET

🌍 European Championship Prize Pools 🌍
How do I play Semi-Pro? This competition is only open if you have a maximum of 10 Pro cards (scarcity cards) in your collection. Lineups consist of 4 Common cards and 1 Limited.

🌎 America Championship Prize Pools 🌎


Friendly Games’ Coverage:

Here is the list of the countries whose June Friendly games will be covered for our Global competitions (All-Star, U23, and Cap modes). Please note that this list is based on the countries for which our data provider should ensure a sufficient level of coverage.


Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italie, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales


Canada, Mexico, USA

South America

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay

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