Sorare Early Access Cards: Be Ahead of the Game

Sorare Early Access Cards: Be Ahead of the Game

Jul 8 · 5 min read

Get ready for the new European season with Sorare’s first-ever Early Access cards arriving before the leagues kick-off! With Early Access cards, you can compete and win rewards in 2024-25 season competitions from the very first matchday. Read below for everything you need to know.

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Be Ahead of the Game

Starting July, you can build your new season lineups before football even begins. Before each European league kicks-off, you can buy Early Access cards of players from that league or your favorite clubs on the marketplace.

Your Early Access card is game-ready and has a special pack design until the official card design is revealed in a special ceremony in September.

Early Access cards get you ahead of the game. Get ready to:

– Buy
– Trade
– Sell
– Play In-Season & Classic Season competitions
– Win cash, in-season cards and much more

Building the future of fantasy football with you

Each season, a key request from our dedicated community has been to launch the new season cards sooner in the season.
In the world of officially licensed football products, gathering all the necessary data and images from media days ahead of the start of the football season is impossible.

But our Early Access solution allows us to deliver cards much much earlier. As a result, your Early Access cards have full in-season utility. You can buy a card before a league starts and enjoy the cards New Season Bonus and In-Season utility for the full season!

Thanks to Early Access, Managers who like to plan ahead can start building their teams before the football starts for their favourite clubs and leagues. Here is when you can expect Early Access cards to land on the marketplace.

A key feature for our new gameplay

Thanks to Early Access, we can open In-Season competitions (Premier League, Bundesliga, LALIGA, Champions, Challenges, Contenders) with exciting cash rewards from the start of the season.

On Game Week 502 – Friday 16th August, a new era begins for Sorare Pro gameplay (read here for more info on the brand new gameplay announced in February).

10% of Early Access cards are extra special

1 in 10 Early Access card packs hide a special edition design, our design team has cooked something extra special.

In September, when you open your pack to reveal your player card, you will discover if your Early Access player card was the lucky 10% to have a special edition design.

Special edition cards will have the special edition collector point bonus. We will also launch a Special Weekly with Special Edition entry requirements in September to celebrate the moment. More information on this Special Weekly coming soon.

We’ve got you covered!

Want to dig into the details of how Early Access will work? From transfer window moves to missing pictures, our plan addresses all possible scenarios. We’ve set up a live FAQ that we’ll update regularly to keep you informed. We are also hosting and joining podcasts and streams to answer any questions our community may have.

Get ready for an unforgettable season with Sorare’s Early Access Edition Cards! Start scouting now and enjoy the thrill of having your cards before the European leagues kick off.

The scouting begins! See you later this week as we share all the key info ahead of the launch of our new season including prize pools, Special Weeklies and more.

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