#RivalsLeagues: Get ready for the summer of a lifetime

#RivalsLeagues: Get ready for the summer of a lifetime

Sorare Team
May 30 · 5 min read

This European Championship, it’s you and your friends against the world. And you’re playing for much much more than bragging rights. 🤯

Lead your Rivals League to glory in all-action fantasy football gameplay during the European Championship. Team up with your friends, create a Rivals League, crush other groups of friends (Rival Leagues), and compete for 350,000+ rewards… Including the chance to play football with Zidane.

📹 Watch our trailer below to learn more!

Create your Rivals League now!

OK, I’m interested. How do I play?
This is an EPIC CO-OP FANTASY LEAGUE MODE. Prove that you and your friends are top fantasy football managers! Begin by creating your Rivals League or by joining one.  

You will face-off against other groups of friends in our Main Event (ft Zidane) on the Global Leaderboard.

You can join a maximum of 5 Rivals Leagues. You’re competing for big rewards, it’s only fair we cap how many Leagues you can join.

Rivals League Gameplay 🕹️
It couldn’t be more straight-forward. Set your 5-player lineups and tactics for your favourite European Championship matches each day.

Your lineups will score points based on their real-life performances. This is where it gets super fun, our advanced scoring system tracks more than 48 different stats. When you watch your Rivals games live, you will feel every action.

Each day, set lineups for one match or every game. only your highest team score each day will count on your Rivals League leaderboard. This is your Daily Score. 

The scores of the top five members in your Rivals League determine your total League Score.

All Leagues’ scores are ranked on the Main Event Global leaderboard.

🧠Are you looking for a strategic edge? For a full breakdown of our gameplay rules visit our Help Centre.

Win With Your Friends
This European Championship, you are playing for much more than bragging rights. Compete for over 350,000 amazing rewards including your chance to play football with Zinedine Zidane. Here is a full breakdown of the rewards.

Visit our Help Centre for a full Prize Pool breakdown.

Daily Rewards 
But there’s more, everyone performs better when there is a bit of healthy competition within your League. Every day, the League Member with the highest Daily Score wins a Reward Box with chances of winning Sorare Pro cards, mystery jerseys, level-ups and Arena tickets.

Solo Gameplay: Ambassador Leagues
If you’re also looking for solo gameplay, keep an eye out for our Ambassador Leagues coming soon. In Ambassador Leagues, you compete against all other members of the Ambassador League for rewards exclusive to each Ambassador League. This includes Sorare Pro Cards, game (match) tickets, signed jerseys, meet & greets and much more. 

So what do I do now?

  • Create or join a Rivals League 
  • Invite your friends to your Rivals League(s)
  • Send funny gifs in your Rivals League activity feed

Need help pitching Sorare Rivals Leagues to your friends?

Just copy paste the below message
Hello (friends / family / former colleagues / people I met on holiday in 2009), have you seen this game? It’s a free and new private league fantasy game where if we win, we will play football with Zidane!!!

Wow, so we’re working together in the Private League? 

Yeh, the top scores from our private league each day count towards our global league ranking. The higher we finish the better the prizes. 

Ok, I’m interested, how do I play?

It’s fun and simple. You set your 5 player lineups and tactics around your favourite European Championship games each day. You can submit your lineups for 1 match or all 3, only your best score counts. 

What is the scoring system? Is it like other fantasy football platforms? 

The scoring system for players is super fun. It more accurately tracks players’ performances, and defensive midfielders are actually respected haha. 

Sign-up to my link now. Now, any good names for what we can call our League?

So what are you waiting for? Buckle up for much more than bragging rights.

It’s you, your friends against the world. Create your Rivals League now!

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