July is Heating up with Sorare: MLB

July is Heating up with Sorare: MLB

Sorare Team
Jun 25 · 5 min read

As the summer heats up, so does the excitement on Sorare: MLB! This July, we’re raising the temperature with the July Chase and a fresh set of Special Weeklies. Plus join in on the festivities during MLB All-Star Week with a dedicated competition. It’s your chance to compete for a share of $225,000+ in total cash rewards, 7,900+ Pro Cards and other amazing rewards!

Learn how you can get in on the action and catch fire this summer!

Special Weeklies

Field Generals

Running for Game Weeks 28 & 29 (July 1 – July 7), Field Generals is all about showcasing the unmatched skills of catchers, the true leaders on the field.

In this competition, catchers take center stage, earning 2x points for their plays. Any player with the Catcher position on their Card will rack up the points. Catcher scores are doubled regardless of which position the card is played in your lineup.

The first edition of this competition will start on Monday July 1. Some signed merch from one of today’s top catchers is for the taking – let’s see what you will be playing for! 

Field Generals Rewards

Remember, every catcher’s performance counts for double, so choose your Field Generals wisely. The first Field Generals competition locks July 1 – start scouting now!

Community Vote

We’re excited to announce another Community Vote to decide the Special Weekly for Game Weeks 30 & 31 (July 8 – July 14) .

Here’s a refresher on how it works:

  • We will present a selection of potential Special Weeklies via a poll. These competitions will all involve some variation to our standard gameplay.
  • Your vote will help determine which Special Weekly will run for Game Weeks 30 & 31.
  • Voting will open on June 26th and will close on July 2nd. Be sure to participate within this window to make sure your voice is heard!

MLB All-Star Week 2024

All-Star Special Weekly 

As MLB stars head to the Texas desert, Sorare: MLB is bringing you closer to the game! During Game Week 32 (July 15), Managers can submit lineups featuring 2024 MLB All-Stars for a chance to win a share of $10,000 in total cash rewards, Pro Cards, and MLB All-Star Jerseys.

Note that Managers will be able submit lineups that include any player, but only those playing in the All-Star Game will score points.

Let’s Break All-Star Rewards down👇

July Chase

For the final four Game Weeks of July, we are excited to introduce our biggest Monthly Chase of the season! The July Chase is shaping up to be our most exciting Monthly Chase yet with $100,000 in total cash rewards in play.

We’re also running the Common July Chase, the first Common Monthly Chase of the season. With a $10,000 cash prize pool, it’s also the first time we’re rewarding cash at the Common level. For all Sorare: MLB newcomers, it’s the perfect opportunity to chase glory!

Managers will set lineups for each of the four Game Weeks, with the top three scores counting towards a final cumulative score. Individual Game Weeks will not be rewarded in the Monthly Chase competition – it’s all about bringing the best lineup for multiple Game Weeks.

Let’s break down reward specifics 👇

Champion Prize Pool Update

In addition to the excitement of all our July competitions, we are pleased to announce that the Champion Prize pools will be increased by $500, spread across scarcities for the rest of the season starting Game Week 28 (July 1st).

  • Limited: $3,050 -> $3,100
  • Rare: No Change
  • Super Rare: $3,300 -> $3,600
  • Unique: $2,250 -> $2,400

Get ready to set your best lineups and compete for greater rewards!

More Ways to Play, More Ways to Win

July on Sorare: MLB is set to be filled with nothing but excitement! Compete for a piece of over $225,000 in total cash rewards, 7,900+ Pro Cards, and more. Join the Field Generals competition, vote on Special Weeklies, and participate in the All-Star Week events!

And you definitely don’t want to miss the July Chase, the biggest of the season, with $100,000 in total cash rewards. Get in on the action and make this summer unforgettable – good luck Managers!

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