Introducing Essence & the Card Factory: The Recipe for Crafting Sorare Cards

Introducing Essence & the Card Factory: The Recipe for Crafting Sorare Cards

Sorare Team
May 28 · 4 min read

We’re about to unveil the ultimate Sorare secret: the groundbreaking science behind Sorare card creation. Top performing and dedicated Managers will master this highly coveted power: the ability to craft their Sorare cards.

And all of this crafting power will operate in a state-of-the-art facility added to your clubs: the Card Factory! Expect your personal card factory to be operational by the time this summer’s European Championship kicks-off!

Essence and Card Factory will also be coming to Sorare: MLB later this season, and to Sorare NBA for the start of Season 3.

What is the Card Factory?

Welcome to the Card Factory, where sports science has hit new heights. The scientists at Sorare Industries, in partnership with the best football scouts in the world, are delighted to share their secrets and give you access to their Card Factory. This state-of-the-art lab is available to all Sorare clubs. The factory offers top-performing Managers the power to collect essence from Reward Boxes and craft in-season player cards for their collection.

How is this scientifically possible?

Without delving into the intricate details of fusion power, our sports scientists have developed a top-secret fusion process that creates liquid Essence through – fantasy – performance. Here is the basic scientific formula:

Fantasy Performance > Essence > Card Rewards

How does the factory operate?

To collect enough Essence to craft new player cards for your club, you need to perform. This powerful material is captured in Capsules whenever your Sorare teams perform.

Managers can win Essences Capsules in Reward Boxes on Sorare Rivals and Sorare Pro. Collect enough Essence across multiple Game Weeks and your progress will be rewarded! The higher the division, the better the box, and the more chances you have to get a higher number of Essence Capsules!

The more you progress, the better the rewards

With enough Essence collected from this fusion power, Managers can visit the Card Factory to craft a new card for their club.

Based on this recipe, you can craft a card at specific Essence milestones, each offering a guaranteed card with varying probabilities of a specific card tier. The likelihood of crafting a higher-tier card increases as you collect more Essence. For example, if you collect enough Essence for the highest milestone, once crafted you are guaranteed a Star or a Tier 1 card!

Organization within your Card Factory will be simple: Essence is categorized by scarcity and is not tied to specific competition.

Please note that this doesn’t affect our reward supply. We are reallocating some of the card rewards given out through Reward Boxes as well as part of the prize pools of some competitions that are about to be phased out.

You can expect more details on Essence and your Card Factory soon. Before the two special international competitions start, we will share with you the odds of winning Essence Capsules in each Reward Box, the quantities you can win, and how many are needed to unlock a card at each milestone.

We hope that you will make good use of that precious knowledge!

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