Sorare Rivals Fantasy Football

Introducing head-to-head fantasy football with big rewards. Challenge friends and set lineups across the world's top leagues each matchday.

Scroll down to see why this is the football game you need in your life.

Earn Your Respect.
Win Big Rewards.


Challenge Rivals

Challenge friends and rivals in Sorare's all-action head-to-head gameplay. Prove you're the superior football manager.

Build Lineups

With more than 350 licensed clubs, there is non-stop football action on Sorare Rivals. Each matchday, set five-player lineups for your favourite matches within a draft budget.

Select Your Tactics

Are you a tactical mastermind? Choose from a range of tactics, such as Tika Taka and Gegenpressing. Each tactic tracks unique collective stats for bonus points.

Feel Every Action

Track your lineup's live performance with Sorare's 48-stat scoring system. Be warned: Every action counts! Rivals will transform the way you watch football.

Win Big Rewards

By proving yourself in Rivals, you unlock amazing prizes like signed football jerseys, digital player cards you can trade and sell, and much more!

Earn Respect

Win and get the ultimate prize: Respect among top football managers. Sorare Rivals is a statement. So what are you waiting for? Play Rivals. Earn respect. Win rewards.

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