New Competitions Are Coming to Sorare: MLB

New Competitions Are Coming to Sorare: MLB

Sorare Team
May 10 · 6 min read

What you need to know:

  • New Competitions Are Coming: We’re introducing Special Weeklies and the Monthly Chase, offering Managers new ways to compete and win, starting in Game Week 16
  • Strategy Never Rests: The competitions include both weekly and cumulative formats with novel lineup requirements and eligibility, enhancing strategic gameplay
  • More Ways to Play, More Ways to Win: Through Game Week 36, we’re introducing over $175,000 in additional total cash rewards, Reward Boxes, exclusive VIP experiences, and official merchandise are up for grabs

Managers, gear up and get ready! Starting with Game Week 16, we’re launching a new set of competitions in Sorare: MLB that offer more ways to play, and more ways to win. Introducing Special Weeklies and the Monthly Chase.

In Monthly Chase Competitions, Managers will battle for the top spot over four Game Weeks each month. Special Weeklies introduce new lineup-building challenges that will test even the most seasoned Managers.

Let’s dive into the specifics!

The Monthly Chase: Make a Name for Yourself

For the final four Game Weeks of each month, we will run a Monthly Chase competition. 

Managers will set lineups for each of the four Game Weeks, with the top three scores counting towards a final cumulative score. Cash Rewards, Reward Boxes, and some exciting VIP Experiences will be up for grabs (more on that below)

Monthly Chases will run separately at the Limited, Rare, Super Rare, & Unique scarcities. Cash Rewards, Reward Boxes, and some exciting VIP Experiences will be up for grabs. Individual Game Weeks will not be rewarded in the Monthly Chase competition – it’s all about bringing the best lineup for multiple Game Weeks.

Special Weeklies: Strategy Never Rests

While the Monthly Chase rewards long term performance, Special Weeklies inject some excitement each Game Week when the Monthly Chase is not running. These competitions feature unique eligibility criteria and present managers with different lineup building challenges each week.

For select Special Weeklies each month, we’ll turn it over to YOU, the community, to vote on which competition you want us to run. What kind of new formats do you want to see? Let us know on our socials!

Special Weeklies will run separately for Common, Limited, Rare, Super Rare & Unique. Cash Rewards, Reward Boxes, and some awesome official merchandise will be up for grabs.


Here is how things will work through July (Game Week 36):

  • Special Weeklies will run for the first four Game Weeks of each month, with two different Special Weeklies each taking up two Game Weeks.
  • Monthly Chases take over for the final four Game Weeks of the month, offering a chance at glory and bigger rewards

We’ll kick things off with the May Monthly Chase, starting Game Week 17.

Keep an eye out for what our first round of Special Weeklies will be in June, as well as how you can get involved to decide which ones we run as the season progresses!

Eligibility Requirements

The May Chase, June Chase, and Special Weeklies that we run through the MLB All Star break (GW32; July 15) will have the same In-Season card requirements that Champion competitions had in GW1. Beginning with the July Chase in GW33 and continuing through the remainder of the regular season, those requirements will adjust to mirror the current Champion requirements.

*Note that in some special cases, these requirements may be relaxed ad hoc for individual Special Weeklies that may require a smaller player pool.


Cash / ETH

We’re rewarding Cash Rewards in addition to our current outlay for existing Champion Competitions.

Special Weekly Competitions reward $4,500 in total cash rewards per Game Week

The May & June Chase will each reward $20,000 in total Cash Rewards

Buckle up: the July Chase will offer $100,000 in total Cash Rewards. It’ll be the dog days of summer, and we’ll definitely be bringing the heat on Sorare: MLB. Gear up for an exciting 4 Game Weeks – we’ll share more details as this competition draws closer.

As always, these rewards can be received as Cash OR ETH.

VIP Experiences + More!

These competitions won’t be just about bragging rights; it’ll also be about winning real-world prizes:

For the May Chase, you’ll have the chance to up your game with FantasyPros Hall of Fame subscriptions and follow your lineups with season-long MLB.TV subscriptions up for grabs.

MLB All-Star Weekend VIP Experience: 4 June Chase winners will score a VIP experience at the MLB All-Star Weekend, including a travel voucher. It’s your chance to cross an item off your bucket list.

For Special Weeklies, expect to see official merchandise from top players around the league in addition to cash rewards.

Reward Boxes

For both competitions, we’ll also have Standard & Premium Reward Boxes for Limited & Rare.

More Ways to Play, More Ways to Win

Introducing weekly competitions to Sorare MLB is not just about adding a new dimension to the game—it’s about enhancing the overall player experience. By integrating these special weekly events, we’re opening up fresh strategies, but also enhancing the utility of every card in a player’s collection. Most importantly, these updates underscore our commitment to our community. We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to bring these competitions to life, continuing to evolve the game in ways that you, our players, want to see. Join us in this next chapter of Sorare: MLB, where your strategies, your cards, and your feedback drive the future of the game!

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